A Notary Public is a licensed professional that performs a verification of identity of a person signing a legal document.

Fountain Pen On Document Signature Area

 Documents are asked to be notarized in order to ensure fraud is not committed and that process is properly executed. We provide notary services on-site and off-site by appointment and are open to the public. 


*Please call to make an appointment

(616) 975-0100


*Includes Notary Signature & Stamp. Must Have Picture ID of the person signing the document.

1 Signature Per Document

($2.00 for each signature same document)


Foreign Document Signature  

($2.00 for each signature same



Notary Seal


On Your Site Service                      

(Plus $.50 per mile - calculated from our facility to your site roundtrip) *Excludes Mortgage Documents


Witness Fee (On our Site)


Mortgage Signing Fee







$75.00 (Per Hour)                                                        




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